2021: Pilla B talks “Careless (Freestyle),” his next EP, drill music & more

Pilla B talks “Careless (Freestyle),” his next EP, drill music & more

Pilla B talks “Careless (Freestyle),” his next EP, drill music & more

Pilla B talks “Careless (Freestyle),” his next EP, drill music & more

After collaborating with Moula 1st and Pvrx for the New Year’s single, Repercussion, Toronto-based artist Pilla B has remained relatively quiet for most of the 2020 campaign.All of that changed in early October when he started promoting the singles. Single “Vanilla”

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Burd & Keyz’s “Vanilla” marks the release of a new music stream from Rexdale-native It will come to an end in 2021 with the release of the next EP. In addition to the fresh sound, “Vanilla” also launches a new and vibrant animated series featuring inspired characters. Heart from Pilla, both good and bad Powered by director and animator Andre Barnwell, the video for “Vanilla” has been viewed more than 50,000 times on YouTube since its October 22 release.

After releasing a visual for his song “Rags to Riches (Freestyle)” on November 22 with the hit rockwave, Pilla B once again touted Barnwell for its latest visualization. While “Vanilla” is an animation from start to finish, “Careless (Freestyle)” is real in life where Pilla interacts with animation and even makes adjustments to the characters at different points. Of the story Overall, it is dynamic, interesting and unique.

While the start of the year might feel a bit quiet for Pilla fans starving for new content, it looks like he can’t stop him right now as he continues to work on the EP, and he might. There were only two new releases officially released this year, but he has been busy supporting albums and singles from other artists in the community.

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In fact, Tizzy Stackz, Cheffie, Moula 1st and Kin Crew were all featured in Pilla at the official release, while 6ixBuzz tapped him for appearances in the popular Northern Sound (Deluxe) compilation.

In addition to talking about his latest release, our interview with Pilla B also features rapper “You Ain’t Outside” talking about the impact of major record labels. Get in touch with other fans and more. You can view the Q&A below.

“Careless (Freestyle)” is HipHopCanada’s daily track.Tracks are available on various digital streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify through Public Records / Universal Music Canada.

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