Black narcissus

Black narcissus

★★ ☆☆☆

A lush and lavish production about a Himalayan nun that promises a lot. But will deliver only disappointment

Since Agatha Christie has not been adapted in the roster and nothing from the Sherlock / Dracula writing team, this big season of BBC drama miniseries is based on the 1930s novel The Nun. Became a famous movie a decade later. After a three-hour plowing of Narcissus, you might conclude that it was probably still buried in the last century. With a screenplay by Amanda Coe (Life In Squares, Room At The Top) and directed by Charlotte Bruus Christensen (previous film credits: A Quiet Place and The Girl On The Train), these three chapters are heavy in the atmosphere and anticipation. hope But it is light when it comes to expressing deep character emotions and rich visuals … (more)

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