Come Away

Come Away

★★ ☆☆☆

The starry performer has failed to cast a lot of magic in this less inspiring children’s adventure.

‘Did people forget their growing dreams?’ A little girl asks her brother in a movie trying to emulate childhood magic through homage to Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Oscar-winning adventure animators like The Prince of Egypt and Brave like Brenda Chapman show less flair for live acting, while the starry performers she included. Together, it is hardly the best. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is our narrator, grown-up Alice (played by eight-year-old Keira Chansa). She tells the story of the turmoil in her family that begins with the death of Her eldest brother, David (Reece Yates), a hardworking boy who is assumed to be the favorite of his siblings Peter. (Jordan Enash) When their mother Rose (Angelina … (more)

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