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ALBUM: Glass Animals – Dreamland Tracklist

Glass Animals Dreamland Zip Download


ALBUM: Glass Animals – Dreamland Tracklist

Glass Animals Dreamland Zip Download

ALBUM: Glass Animals – Dreamland Tracklist – Glass animals have achieved an enviable and increasingly unusual form of modern success: they are largely ubiquitous and anonymous. The streaming numbers of the Oxford band can be measured in billions, and they appear at all night shows and festival fairs without revealing anything that can immediately distinguish them from, say, Electric Guest or Neon Trees. But Dave Bayley intends to fix this on Dreamland, describing the creation of the band’s third LP on the opening track and later referring to himself as “Wavey Davey”. In place of the 2016 science fiction inclinations and character studies of How to Be a Human Being, Bayley makes his own humanity into history: a global citizen born to Welsh and Israeli parents, raised in Massachusetts and Texas before moving to the UK at 14, similarly paralyzed by the reclusive geniuses of the studio behind Pet Sounds and The Chronic 2001. But the Glass Animals albums were never an ideal place to bare the soul, and Dreamland appears as a guy trying to tell the story of your life in a crowded Coachella tent.

ALBUM: Glass Animals Dreamland Songs

01. Dreamland (3:23)
02. Tangerine (3:20)
03. ((home movie_ 1994)) (0:07)
04. Hot Sugar (3:55)
05. ((home movie_ btx)) (0:13)
06. Space Ghost Coast To Coast (3:07)
07. Tokyo Drifting (3:37)
08. Melon and the Coconut (2:28)
09. Your Love (Déjà Vu) (3:54)
10. Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth (2:41)
11. It’s All So Incredibly Loud (4:19)
12. ((home movie_ rockets)) (1:00)
13. Domestic Bliss (3:18)
14. Heat Waves (3:59)
15. ((home movie_ shoes on)) (0:31)
16. Helium (5:28)

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