DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Luke Combs – What You See Ain’t Always What You Get (Deluxe Edition) Free Download

Luke Combs What You See Ain't Always What You Get (Deluxe Edition) Free Download


Luke Combs What You See Ain’t Always What You Get (Deluxe Edition) Free Download

Luke Combs Drops a new Album What You See Ain’t Always What You Get (Deluxe Edition) free Download

Luke Combs had pointed to a formula that was popular with many of his field colleagues during the 2010s: never arrogantly flirtatious and driven by pace. Instead, he went back to the timeless country approach to placing a compelling person at the heart of his music, and he quickly became a fanbase with his good-natured, regular working role. It helped that his composition was robust and intelligent and his interpretations heartfelt. Following on from Combs’ successful debut in 2017, this view is also stronger and smarter. “Beer Never Broke My Heart”, a booming honky-tonk number that initially appeared on an EP, is a failed take on avoiding emotional investment in anything that could disappoint, and “1, 2 Many” is a powerful boogie of bar with Brooks & Dunn – experts in that style – and full of playful and arrogant pride over bad behavior of drunks. “I think country music fans love songs that they can drink and have a good time with,” says Combs Apple Music. “The fast beats and great telecaster guitars take you back to how country music was in the ’90s. Country fans are hungry for an uptempo song, and that’s it.”

Combs is equally charismatic for delivering more sensitive songs, such as the romantic ballads “Nothing Like You” and “Does to Me”, a collaboration with Eric Church, who is originally proud of the earth. On “New Every Day” and “Every Little Bit Helps,” Combs brings a satisfyingly pleasing effort to hooks up humiliating a lesser singer. He continued his association with producer Scott Moffatt and co-lead author Ray Fulcher, reinventing the muscular and smooth tones learned by several generations of hard-core predecessors. Here, Combs talks about the five pieces that are included in this deluxe edition.

Cold as you
“I love writing these kinds of songs, with this great chorus. When we went into the studio, I got the feeling that the song was no different. We thought, ‘Hey, let’s make this song what it’s already. “Let’s not think about it and just have fun with it. ‘We wanted to make it strong and fun.”

The other
“I wrote that song a few years ago, probably three years ago. I wrote that song with my guitarist Rob Williford and a guy named Brandon Kinney who I really like. I had the idea on my phone for a while and knew I was going to give him the way.Go back to that sentence [‘You should see the other guy’] and do something different with it.It just came at an inconvenient moment as we wrote it, between the different things we did so it never came to the luxury of This One’s for You.When it’s time to do this luxury, I went through things I wrote and I stepped over things and I was like, ‘Man, that’s really good. ‘ “So I decided to pull the trigger. It’s one of my favorite songs we have.”

My kind of people
“This was a song that my guitar technician started and sent to me. I listened to the choir part he had and thought it was really cool. We got stuck in the end and had a few beers and finished that song. And the song really talks about all that, just hanging out, writing songs. That’s what we are. I think it speaks a lot to the fans and to myself and also to my friends. ”

Without You (feat. Amanda Shires)
“We wrote that song in Boone, North Carolina. I do a lot of writing trips that I do there, maybe once a year. I bring a lot of my friends and write about two weeks. Since then ‘This one for you,’ I wanted to do. something similar, in that sense, but it spoke more of the moment I was now.I wanted to talk to my parents, my wife and the fans, the people who continue when I’m not good or have a bad day.And with Amanda Working shires was really cool.She played the violin with me last year at the ACM.When we went into the studio I said: it should be a hard track like a violin. So we did it for she shot and she put a little gei on it and it was really cool. ”

“That was actually the first song I wrote in our house here in Tennessee. My wife and I bought our first house together about a year ago. It was really cool to have that first song here. I did it with Rob Williford. and Drew Parker, two written guys who I write with quite a lot and that I feel very comfortable in and that I feel like I’m writing great things in. So it’s easier to start guys with whom you’ve written a lot. Song, the reaction of the people was really amazing.



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