Freeze Corleone’s Biography

Freeze Corleone LMF


Biography of Freeze Corleone

It’s hard not to draw the parallel with a team like that of the Raider Klan, as this headless entity seems to have the same operating mode, the same influences, with a few variations ready.

We also get lost quite quickly in the nebula as the mode of diffusion is messy. Like a new form of crate-diggin ‘, blue light and binary language having replaced dust.

Freeze Corleone is one of the most popular members of the crew. A few weeks ago, he released the FDT mixtape, along with Madara’s music video. Cradled by substances, the world then reveals its true facade: reverse editing effects, flares, filters, black-outs.

Metaphors and comparisons rain down. The writing becomes colorful, stuffed with brutally watery visions. Flow chopped, dry. The adlibs: little voices in the head, intended to accompany the flow of life. And time will eventually slow down. A success.


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