Kid Cudi Unveils Man On The Moon 3

Kid Cudi announces Man On The Moon 3


Kid Cudi announces Man On The Moon 3

A new Kid Cudi solo album is finally on the way.

On Monday afternoon (October 26), Cudder announced the release of his next album, Man on the Moon III. In an image shared on his Twitter page, which featured a video montage of the Cleveland rapper at first, a silhouette of Cudi can be seen staring at what appears to be a blood moon. Seemingly metaphorical for his new album.


The poor song of “Cudi” can also be heard in the background while preparing a cigarette or a dim light.

The visual ends with the Roman numeral three in the sentence “The trilogy continues.” The post on social media is also covered: “THE TRILOGY CONTINUES …”

While no official release date has been announced, Reimer noted that the effort will come “soon.”


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