Occupational Hazard Album 2020 – Mozzy

Occupational Hazard Album 2020 - Mozzy


Occupational Hazard Album Download

by Mozzy

Sacramento, California rapper Mozzy has released another stellar full-length album this year when he dropped out in May Beyond Bulletproof. He also could not wait for the next installment, as he surprised fans by releasing his follow-up, Occupational Hazard, full of 14 new songs featuring guest appearances from Wale, Quando Rondo, YFN Lucci, Trae Tha Truth and more.

“This is my favorite project to date from all the EPs, mixtapes, albums. I had to go back to the old me, Hellgang Mozzy and people bring the heat that speaks directly to the streets, “Mozzy detailed in a recent press release.” My latest album Beyond Bulletproof was something for the masses, but occupational Hazard is for those who live a certain lifestyle.With Occupational Hazard I want to let people know that there is not always velvet or rainbow at the end of the tunnel.If you choose to maneuver and make your money in a certain way, then there are consequences that come with it, but possessing, embracing, not thinking about it. Know what you have signed up for and take the ups and downs with pride. ”

Occupational Hazard Album 2020 - Mozzy

Mozzy shot the project with his first single and music video, “Death Is Callin ‘” premiere, with a video of David Camarena in which the rapper drew a home invasion. The powerful lyrics deal with the fact that he is still murdered, gangs and drug abuse. Then last week, Mozzy released “Streets Ain’t Safe” with collaborator Blxst.

Occupational Hazard Full Album Tracklist

1Intro (Occupational Hazard)lyrics
2Death is Callin lyrics
3Livin Thru Me lyrics
4Terrorist Threats lyrics
5Get Even lyrics
6Same 40 lyrics
7Heartbroken lyrics
8Never Lackin lyrics
9Don’t Play Fair lyrics
10Hazardous lyrics
11Streets Ain’t Safe lyrics
124 Different Skits lyrics
13Too Much Pride lyrics
14Livin What I Know lyrics

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