Roald & Beatrix: Curious Mouse Tails

Roald & Beatrix: Curious Mouse Tails

A charming story at that time when two legendary writers met at different lifetimes.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. But the man behind the story of a young Roald Dahl, who meets aging Beatrix Potter, may have breathes when the notorious anti-Semitism of the past is back in the news. In early December, his family issued a statement apologizing for publicly hostile Jewish antagonism, a statement that haunted fans of the story. But I can’t feel the same way with this man any longer. It might be easy to bring all this badness to your mind when watching Roald & Beatrix, as Dahl here is a naive little boy (played by newcomer Harry Tayler) to mourn after the death of His father and sister As if that wasn’t enough, his mother Sophie … (more)

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