★★★ ☆☆

Melissa McCarthy is directed by her husband Ben Falcone once again in this delightful sci-fi comedy.

Featherlight’s joke meets end-of-the-day sci-fi in Bonkers, but has the latest charm from the team of couples Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy as the Falcons’ fourth time directing his actress’s spouse, and though. Their efforts together won’t be soundly appreciated, but at least Superintelligence. It’s worth the shot When we meet McCarthy’s Carol, she is drifting. After dropping a successful career in technology, she was eager to put herself on something more cost-effective. Her friend Dennis (the great Brian Tyree Henry) is worried about her lack of direction. But the issue quickly became trivial when Carol was identified by technological intelligence as an ideal human example for education – well-being, while she was very common. Mimic her voice … (more)

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