Sylvan LaCue Net Worth

Sylvan LaCue Net Worth


Sylvan LaCue Net Worth in 2020

$ 19,000

Sylvan LaCue is an American YouTube channel that had a net worth of $ 19,000 dollars in September 2020.

Sylvan LaCue Age & Birth

Sylvan LaCue (formerly known as QuESt) (born September 2, 1990) is an American hip hop artist from Miami, Florida. He began his rapper career in 2009 with several releases, including the critically acclaimed Searching Sylvan mixtape. In April 2016, he released his debut studio album, Far From Familiar, and on January 12, 2018, he released his second album “Excuses in Advance”.

He previously signed with Chris Zarou’s Visionary Music Group record label (2013-2014) before joining his own band, WiseUp & Co. founded. In 2016, he signed a distribution deal with INGrooves, his first as an independent artist.

Sylvan LaCue Net Worth in 2020

Sylvan LaCue began his music career in 2009 under the then name QuESt, after being inspired by Canadian rapper Drake and his sudden success after the So Far Gone Mixtape. He chose the stage name “Quest”, but stylized it as “QuESt” after rapper Nas’ capital letters “S” and said “Quest is a common name, I wanted to differentiate myself in some way, shape or form.”

After a troubled relationship with his mother, Sylvan moved out of his mother’s home at the age of 17 and then, again and again, moved into her home.

In 2009, he was the champion of Jermaine Dupri’s “Survival of the MCs” competition, beating 660 other hip hop performers and earning a deal with Dupri’s newly formed TAG Records. [9] However, months after Sylvan won his deal with TAG Records, the record company collapsed. After that, Sylvan began publishing content online after the era of the Online Mixed Circuit, and built a solid following under the then name “QuESt”.

In 2011, Sylvan lived independently and worked full time as a porter.  In late 2011, Sylvan’s father moved in with him after he was released from prison and convinced Sylvan to take care of his financial responsibility.

Six months after giving his father responsibility for finances, Sylvan and his father were released on May 10, 2012.  After he was ousted, lost his job weeks ago and gave his father his car, Sylvan almost decided to stop rapping. He also had doubts about success after failing to gain recognition despite publishing works, contacting people in the music industry and playing independently. He decided to talk to his A&R representative, where she told him to take his time and do nothing.

Sylvan LaCue Net Worth

Sylvan LaCue Musical Career

In December 2014, Sylvan announced that he had decided to leave the Visionary Music Group due to differences with the management, saying that there was “no bad will against them”.  Weeks after breaking away from his former label, Sylvan formed the WiseUp music group.  He returned to Florida to reconnect with friends and family, and spoke to an industry panel in the spring [1] before moving to Orlando to prepare for his next job.

In June 2015, the Miami New Times listed Sylvan as one of 5 Miami artists you should know, saying, “he’s taken Miami by storm since 2009. It’s 2015 now, and he’s still going strong.”

On September 2, 2015, Sylvan posted a statement on his website announcing how he would drop QuESt as a stage name and his birth name will go down. The statement was accompanied by a so-called journal on VSCO detailing what he went through last year, how to find himself as an artist. [14]

It was this time, me and my engineer went to this coffee shop where we were super fond. It was this barista I knew worked that afternoon. We played a new record and she loved it. She always knew my name was “QuESt” but never heard of my previous works besides that song. I remember paying for my cup of coffee, and my real name came from the card scanner: Sylvan LaCue. She said, “This is your real name? … This suits you a helluva lot better than QuESt, just saying.” Ironically, I think I’ve been looking at Sylvan the whole time …

Sylvan also announced that he would drop a project titled Far From Familiar. The album is a direct sequel to “Searching Sylvan” and is produced by WiseUp’s own production team, The Marvels. [1] In November 2015, he published The Watcher 3 to load his return and provide an unapologetic and observant report on the current state of the industry. A little over a week ago, Studio City appeared. Both were well received by fans and bloggers.

On December 15, 2015, Sylvan announced the EP Evangeline, which was scheduled to be released for free, on December 18, 2015. The EP is a “love story” after Sylvan, which takes place after the events of his upcoming project, Far From Known.

In advance of the new project, Sylvan Fall From Grace released the first official single on February 4, 2016 via Complex Magazine. [15] The song was originally titled So Help Me God before being renamed the night before in response to Kanye’s decision to release an album title. [16] Sylvan revealed the inspiration behind the song on his Twitter after its release.

I wrote “Fall From Grace” at the lowest point of my life last year …. that song is all about asking God to save me from myself. Imagine feeling overwhelmed & knowing that you are doing all the wrong things & thinking all the wrong thoughts. That’s what “Fall From Grace” is.

2016 – Present: Tours, Apologies in Advance to Florida Man

In an article published the day before the release of Far From Familiar, LaCue explains his ambitions in an interview with The Fader. Explaining that Far From Familiar’s final track, “What Does It Cost?”, He was finally getting peace with himself, saying, “I chose to close with this because it’s also the title of my next project.” LaCue also said it has focused on expanding its brand, WiseUp & Co., and that it plans to go on tour in 2016. [17] Following the release of At What Cost by fellow rapper GoldLink, LaCue announced that he was giving up the idea, and on May 8, 2017, the album announced he would apologize in advance, via Twitter. [18] [19] From March 3rd to April 4th, 2017, LaCue was with Saba on his Bucket List Tour, in an attempt to support the Saba Bucket List Project. [20]

Apologies in advance was released on January 12, 2018.

LaCue started announcing music on Twitter in early July 2018, and finally released Florida Man on Monday, July 9th, the title track to a mixed band that was released on July 13th, 2018. LaCue dedicated the project to his future grandmother, with the goal of inspiring unity in his city, just as his grandmother did for his family. [21]

He explained in an interview with DJBooth:

When I started asking questions, that was when I realized what her inheritance was. She had three daughters; all the men in their lives gave them up. She said, “No matter what, I will keep my girls together. I dedicate my life to my family


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