Zog and the aviation doctor

Zog and the aviation doctor

★★★ ☆☆

A delightful adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s other stories, which evokes authoritarian oppression.

Pearl is desperate to be a doctor, and you think her uncle will be behind the career He might have, if he hadn’t arisen as a king, at a time when his tyranny was still a fine king. Still, that leaves him locked up for treachery, as all of the King’s men pursue two of Pearl’s medical conspirators, Zergada Baut and the huge orange dragon born. The accident called Zog, which is twice as large as their air ambulance? Earlier, Pearl and colleagues rescued a sunburned mermaid, a unicorn with a huge tree stuck in him, and a cold-blooded lion. She can even change her prison. (Which is recognized as a well-furnished residential area) as an operation she attended … (more)

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